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These are examples of some of the work I did when I first started to learn the basics of graphic design through programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

walnut zipper

combined two images of a walnut and zipper to create a unified piece. 

process: cut the walnut in 1/2 with the pen tool. positioned the zipper just perfectly in the middle. manipulated the walnut and the zipper in order to create a cohesive whole.





color wheel dresses

experimented with designing four different types of color variations utilizing color schemes

process: created dresses in Adobe Illustrator using variations of analogous, complimentary, triad, and monochromatic colors. adding in additional items such as jewelry aimed to create a diversion from simplicity and to catch the audience's eyes. tried to add in different tints and shades of a certain color to not make it seem flat. 

the adobe photoshop threshold

learned how to alter the threshold and color range of an image

process: separated the original image into different layers on photoshop and then adjusted the threshold 

  • mountain layer

  • sky layer

  • river layer

  • tree layer

used the lasso tool and quick selection tool to start coloring. used the paintbrush and paint bucket tool to color in the image. 

sketch it out vector

process: sketched out 12 thumbnail images, scanned them, and then uploaded onto Illustrator. used the pen, pencil, and line tool to trace over the sketches, creating vector illustrations. 

moire coke bottles

used photoshop tools to eliminate moire pattern in the original image to create a sharp crisp look.

process: used tools such as the despeckle filter, gaussian blur, sharpen/ unsharpen mask, clone stamp tool. learned how to edit from the RGB channels of the original image.

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