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a large printed picture used for decoration

uc davis whole earth festival poster

created an event poster for the uc davis whole earth festival; was a design course assignment, not a submission.

process: found an image of a girl with colored powder on her face. originally the colors were different, so using the color replacement tool, changed all the colors to blue and green to represent the earth. cropped out an image of a hearbeat made with plants. used the smudge tool to create the smoky effect to portray a mysterious yet exciting personality.

celebrating stephen hawking

created a poster on stephen hawking and his contributions to the science field. 

process: his theory of time and space can be seen in the background of stars and the image of the clock in order to represent the theme and topic of his findings. added a white silhouette of him in the background. images were all cropped and edited through photoshop and put together in illustrator. played with the opacity and transparency of the various images. 

franklin gothic

designed a typeface poster celebrating the history and fame of franklin gothic

process: researched the history of the font. franklin gothic was known to be used as fonts for local newspapers in the 1900s. in order to capture the effect, the design represents a newspaper from that time, utilizing the franklin gothic text in illustrator. 

cara delevingne

created a vector image poster of the model plus actress cara delevingne. 

process: used the pen and pencil tool to outline the portrait and separate the values of the image. after filling the images with the specific color value, changed the transparency and opacity level to allow certain things from the original image to show such as the lip creases or hair strands. creates a sense of pop art.

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