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Worked as the social media graphic designer for a marketing team determined to improve Lazi Cow's social branding and increase their impact in downtown Davis. I assisted in creating a number of media campaigns that helped to develop the business further and increased engagement with their customers.



  • Utilize Adobe Creative Cloud to design different graphics for multiple campaigns

  • Maintain the business website and social media platforms

  • Analyze community engagement within the business

  • Communicate and work hands-on with business owner and employees


the #laziclub60 project campaign

the #laziclub60 project campaign

My team and I started a new project campaign for Lazi Cow, called #LAZICLUB60.

Essentially, each time Lazi Cow posted on their Instagram account, anybody who liked and commented #LAZICLUB60 within 60 seconds was able to win exclusive free items on the menu. We created this as a way to give back to all the loyal customers and followers of Lazi Cow while at the same time improving customer engagement for the business and their social media platforms. 


examples of creative content

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